• Sexual assault information

    You are not alone. Confidential support, care and information is available.

    UK VIP Center (Violence, Intervention and Prevention)

    The Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center works with faculty, staff, students and community partners toward the mission of eliminating the perpetration of power-based personal violence including sexual assault, partner violence and stalking.

    While our heart is ensuring that victims of violence are met with the very best support, compassion and services that is humanly possible - our passion is reducing the number of individuals who ever become victims of violence to begin with. Come on over and visit us at Frazee Hall. Click the VIP logo below for more information.


    Definition of Rape:

    According to the Kentucky Penal Code, a perpetrator commits a crime of sexual assault when he/she commits a sexual act with a victim without the victim's consent. "Without consent" includes the victim not being able to give consent, for any reason. Rape occurs when a sexual act is performed without consent.

    If you believe you have been sexually assaulted you may contact the Lexington or U.K. police department, however, you ARE NOT required to make a report to law enforcement in order to obtain appropriate treatment. 

  • What to do

    Students who believe they have been sexually assaulted should take one of the following steps as soon as possible:

    • Go directly to the UK Emergency Department
    • Notify the Lexington Police Department - call 258-3600
    • Notify the UK Police Dispatcher at 257-1616

    If you haven't notified the police, you may request the ER staff contact the authorities. If you live in a residence hall you should notify your R.A. or Hall Director. They can contact the police if you wish and possibly go to the ER with you.

  • Evidence

    In order to preserve evidence, please follow these instructions:

    • Do not change clothing. Bring extra clothes to the ER if possible. Otherwise, ER staff will provide you with a change of clothing. If you have changed your clothes, put the clothes that were worn when the assault occurred - including underwear - in a paper bag and bring with you to the ER.
    • Do not shower or bathe.
    • Do not brush teeth, drink fluids, eat or smoke.
    • Put any other article that may obtain evidence (such as sheets) in a paper bag and bring with you to the ER.
  • Admission to ER

    After admission to the ER, the victim will first be examined by a physician to evaluate any injuries and to receive appropriate treatment. If the victim has contacted the police or requested they be contacted they will then be interviewed by a detective and a nurse who is trained as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). After the interview is completed the victim will be taken to a private room where the assault exam will be performed. During this time a counselor from the Rape Crisis Center will be notified. The counselor is available to sit with the victim as long as necessary, and/or leave information that will help the victim through the recovery process.

    The exam may involve taking pictures of any injuries, swabbing specific areas with cotton swabs, collecting hairs, and performing a speculum exam. The victim is always in control and can stop the exam at any point. The victim will be treated for sexually transmitted infections and given the "Morning After" Pill if needed.

  • Support

    Students should obtain a blood test for HIV/AIDS at the Lexington Health Department (call 859 288-AIDS (2437) for an appointment) or the University Health Service (call 323-APPT (2778)). The investigating detective will stay in touch with the victim. Post-rape counseling is available at the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, 859-253-2511 or the UHS Behavioral Health Service.