Medical records

The first time you visit University Health Service you will be asked to complete a health history form. This begins your electronic medical record, which becomes a history of your visits to UHS.

Each time you come to UHS, your medical complaints, the clinician's observations, the diagnosis and the treatment plan will be recorded in your medical record. Telephone conversations and electronic mail communication related to your health care also will be documented in your medical record.

Your UHS medical record is strictly confidential. UHS may release records only as permitted by applicable state and federal law.

If you want to request a copy of your medical record related to services obtained at University Health Service, fill out the release of information form (PDF, 372 KB) and either fax it to 859-257-8708, or email it to or bring it in person to the first floor of UHS. A picture ID is required when picking up medical records in person. Please be aware that we are unable to email any records, but can fax them somewhere for you. Please note that this request will only include services rendered at University Health Service, which includes Student Health, Employee Health, Workers Care and the UKUCC.

Please see UK HealthCare medical records for additional Health Information Management departments from UK Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital or Kentucky Clinic. Please contact the appropriate number below.

UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital phone number: 859-323-5117 (main office) fax number: 859-257-1347
UK Good Samaritan Hospital phone number: 859-226-7033 fax number: 859-226-7037
Kentucky Clinic and other outpatient facilities phone number: 859-323-5561  fax number: 859-257-8563

You can also access your immunization records and appointment history from our patient portal by following these instructions (PDF, 100 KB).

For questions about student medical records, call 859-218-3211.

Health Information Management

Please be aware of the following information regarding  the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):

Students –

Parents/Guardians –

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