• Presentation descriptions

    UHS offers a list of presentation that can help improve student's lifestyles and habits. The presentation topics range from how to eat healthy at college to stress management and sexual health. These sessions tend to last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. It is a short amount of time to give to help improve the rest of your life. To request a presentation, call 859-323-5823 or email fadyia.lowe@uky.edu.

  • General health topics

    Being healthy in college

    This session focuses on staying healthy while at college. The University Health Service believes in prevention as well as early detection and treatment of health problems. Good health enables students to study effectively, maintain regular class attendance, and reach life goals. At the end of this session, students should be able to choose lifestyle behaviors that promote health (e.g., nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, immunizations, and hygiene) and make healthy choices about common issues they will encounter while in college. (45 minute session)

    Stress management

    Through this interactive session, students learn all about stress, including the definition, causes, consequences, and how to deal with it. Special emphasis will be placed on how to decrease or manage daily stress. There will be opportunities for students to assess their own stress level and develop a brief plan to better manage their life. Activities will be incorporated to demonstrate the concepts discussed. Information regarding related resources on campus will be provided. (45 minute session)

    Kick those butts - tobacco jeopardy

    This presentation is set up as a Jeopardy game that focuses on health effects of tobacco use, hookah and smokeless tobacco. Students will learn ways to quit or how to avoid the risks and the realities of social smoking. (45 minute session)

    University Health Service talk and tour

    Note: This presentation will take place at the University Health Service. This session will provide information on hours, eligibility, services and program offerings. Meet UHS staff and clinicians who are available and tour various clinic areas. (45-minute session)

  • Nutrition

    Ask the Dietitian

    This session focuses on healthful eating and exercise while at college. Topics will vary based on questions from the students. The conversation generally covers how to avoid the "freshmen 15", healthful eating options at campus dining facilities, fad diets, late night eating, the importance of eating breakfast and not skipping meals, eating on the run, healthful snacks, and exercise basics. At the end of this session students should be able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy dietary options around campus and have a greater understanding of healthy weight management techniques. (45 minute session)

  • Men's health topic

    Men's health

    This presentation discusses health issues affecting young men, including stress, fatigue, substance abuse, and sexually transmitted infections. Participants will also learn how to stay healthy in college and will learn strategies for preventing the common health issues affecting college men. (30 minute session)

  • Women's health topics

    Women's health

    This presentation discusses health issues affecting young women, including stress, fatigue, eating disorders, and sexually transmitted infections. Participants will also learn how to stay healthy in college and will learn strategies for preventing the common health issues affecting college women. (30-minute session)

    Birth control

    This presentation discusses everything you need to know about birth control (contraception). We discuss the history of birth control and its changes through the years. A variety of methods are discussed, including abstinence, popular hormonal and non-hormonal methods, and condoms. We also talk discuss how different methods work, as well as their effectiveness. (45-60 minute session)

  • Sexual health topics

    Sex and the campus

    College is a time when many students are making sexual decisions and choices. For many students, the choice will be postponement of sex. Others are already engaging in sexual activity or will be in the very near future. This presentation is intended to educate students about sexually transmitted infections, decision-making, and low-risk choices. Condom demonstrations are available upon request. (45 minute session)

    Sexual health jeopardy

    This fun, interactive, and educational activity, based on the popular game show and adapted for a group presentation, addresses facts, statistics, treatment, risk reduction of STIs and healthy relationships. Minimum of 10 and maximum of 40 people are required for this presentation. Students will participate in an interactive jeopardy game that will test their knowledge of sex. The class will separate into teams and will work together to answer the questions. (45 minute session)