• Individual appointments

    Nutrition counseling

    Good eating habits and a healthy diet has many benefits physically, but can also help mentally and emotionally. Meet with our registered to learn about how making simple choices can help you. You can also receive advice and information on the following topics:

    • Weight management
    • Sports nutrition
    • Eating disorders
    • Healthy eating on campus

    Call 859-323-2778 to make an appointment today.

  • Sexual health

    Meet with our health and wellness nurse or sexual health educators to ask questions and for piece of mind. Our staff can answer your questions and help with the following:

    • Women's sexual health information session (gynecological exam, Pap smear, sexually transmitted infection prevention and contraceptive options)
    • Pregnancy counseling
    • STI counseling

    To make an appointment, call 859-323-2778.

  • Tobacco cessation

    You’ve heard all the reasons to stop smoking. You may have thought about quitting or even tried it a time or two. But you may need a little help. Learn how to get ready to quit, how to quit, and how to stay quit for a healthier, smoke-free future. Our tobacco treatment specialist can:

    • Develop a personalized plan to quit
    • Receive free nicotine replacement patches, gum and lozenges
    • Discuss other medication options

    To make an appointment with our tobacco treatment specialists, call 859-323-2778 today.