• Health Fee

    The Health Fee is one of the mandatory fees assessed to full-time undergraduate and graduate students during the fall and spring semesters. The Health Fee covers a wide variety of services for free (or at low cost) to students. These services include primary care, women’s health, behavioral health, nursing services, and health education and wellness services.

    The Health Fee covers unlimited office visits for:

    • Primary care visits for injury or illness.
    • Women’s health (gynecology).
    • Behavioral health.
    • Health education and wellness services, including:
      • Nutrition counseling.
      • Tobacco treatment counseling.
      • Sexual health education sessions.
    • Well-patient, travel and employment physical exams.
    • Allergy injections.
    • Phone Information Nurse.
    • Observation room care.
    • On-call physician for after-hours advice.
    • Limited medications (four over-the-counter medications, six antibiotics)
    • Some STI lab testing.
    • CLIA waived in office tests (except rapid flu).

    Services NOT covered by the Health Fee include but are not limited to:

    • Laboratory services (blood work).
    • X-rays.
    • Additional diagnostic testing (such as MRI or CT Scans).
    • In-clinic procedures (such as wart removal or sutures).
    • Emergency room visits.
    • Most prescriptions.
    • Referrals to specialty clinics (such as physical therapy or orthopedic surgery).
    • Dentistry.  See information on on-campus clinic options.
    • Ophthalmology (vision screens and/or prescription lenses).
    • Surgery.
    • Hospitalization.

    Part-time UK students and BCTC students may elect to pay the Health Fee or be seen at UHS on a fee-for-service basis during the school year.

    During the summer, all students who were enrolled in the previous spring semester and who are pre-registered for the upcoming fall semester have the option to purchase the Health Fee or be seen on a fee-for-service basis. 

    Spouses of all eligible students who are not students themselves may be seen at University Health Service on a fee-for-service basis for all services except behavioral health visits. They must present their spouse's student ID in order to receive treatment. Children and other family members are not eligible.

    J-Scholars and ESL students who have purchased the student insurance plan are eligible to be seen on a fee-for-service basis.

    NOTE: If you are a new student, you are not eligible to be seen at UHS until the semester begins.

  • Summer session

    University Health Service is available for health care during the summer. Paying the Health Fee is voluntary for most students in the summer. To use University Health Service, registered students must pay the summer Health Fee or pay for services on a fee-for service basis. 

  • Change of student status

    If a full-time student withdraws from school, the Health Fee may be refunded by the Registrar's Office as part of the pro-rated tuition refund. Such individuals are eligible to use University Health Service on a fee-for-service basis until the end of the semester. Any questions regarding this matter should be directed to the UHS billing office at 859-218-3203.

    If a student changes status from part-time to full-time, the Health Fee will be added to the tuition if it has not already been purchased.

    If a student changes from full-time to part-time, the Health Fee will be refunded by the Registrar's Office as part of the pro-rated tuition refund. Students who wish to retain Health Fee covered services should call the UHS billing office (859-218-3203) for instructions. 

  • Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) Students

    Bluegrass Community and Technical College students enrolled at Bluegrass Community and Technical College at the Cooper, Regency or Winchester campuses may receive services through University Health Service under these guidelines:

    • Participating and eligible campuses include: Cooper, Winchester, and Regency only.
    • Any BCTC student attending any of these campuses can be seen on a fee-for-service basis (charges range depending on the visit type).
    • Any BCTC student who is enrolled in at least six hours of traditional in-classroom hours may purchase the Health Fee for that semester, which would cover the cost of unlimited visits at UHS.
    • BCTC students who are interested in purchasing the health fee may do so online at the E-Store.
    • Students who are enrolled strictly in correspondence courses are ineligible to purchase the Health Fee and cannot be seen at UHS.
    • BCTC students must present a current BCTC ID at time of visit.