Healthy relationships

Throughout life, people will have many different types of relationships. These can be relationships with family members, friends, romantic partners, and more. This section focuses on romantic or sexual relationships. Many people would agree that they want to be in a happy, healthy relationship with another person. Characteristics of healthy relationships include:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Fairness
  • Equality
  • Good communication

In a healthy relationship, people feel good about the relationship most of the time. No relationship is perfect, and it is normal for couples to experience ups and downs. It may be necessary for partners to work together to improve their relationship, creating a healthier one. If someone finds that their relationship has more downs than ups, though, they could be in an unhealthy relationship. It can be difficult to determine if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. 

If a relationship makes someone feel unsafe, sad, bad about themselves, or scared most of the time, then it is likely that is an unhealthy relationship. It is possible to improve an unhealthy relationship; it requires effort from both partners. 

If someone finds themselves in an unhealthy relationship and they are not sure what to do, talking with a friend or relative, a professor, health care provider, or counselor may be helpful. If you think you are in an unhealthy relationship and would like to speak to a counselor, please call Behavioral Health at 859-323-5511 or the Counseling Center at 859-257-8701 to schedule an appointment.

For more information about healthy relationships, please review the following links:

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