Employee compliance and immunizations

Employee health monthly email compliance report

Each month University Health Service sends out the monthly Employee Health Report for department heads and supervisors. These reports include important information about the compliance status of your employees for each protocol.

The four current protocols include:

  • TB
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella
  • MMR

All employees who have patient contact must meet the requirements for each of these protocols.

Some employees will need to retrieve and submit immunization records from previous providers. Please refer to the following CDC link to get tips for locating old immunization records (PDF, 227 KB).

Non-patient-care employees have protocol requirements that are determined by their departments. Employee health participation request (PDF, 193 KB)

The new reports include a status column with the following codes:

  • Compliant - The employee is in compliance with the protocol indicated. No further action is required.
  • Not Compliant -The employee is past due for the protocol indicated and not in compliance with current UK HealthCare Employee Health Policy. The employee’s work status is at the discretion of his/her supervisor.
  • Compliance in Progress - The employee is in the process of completing the protocol indicated, but must return to Employee Health within 2 weeks of the date indicated in the date due column to remain in compliance.

Please contact the UHS Employee Health Coordinator if:

  • Your employees are not being tracked for appropriate protocols.
  • If you have employees who should be participating but are not on the report.
  • If you need to remove employees who have transferred to another department or have left the University.
  • You have any questions about the reports or the compliance status of your employees.
  • Your department’s contact person changes. We need the new contact information in order to update our system so you will continue to receive the monthly report.

Contact the employee health coordinator

We are continually looking for ways to help you ensure that your employees are in compliance with federal, state, and local guidelines and requirements pertaining to the Employee Health Program. University Health Service values your feedback.

Contact Leslie Ehrmantraut by email: laharg3@uky.edu or by phone at 859-323-5823, ext. 83254.

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