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  • Clinical trials

    The UK Transplant Center has ongoing clinical trials in which patients may participate. 

    Biologic commonalities associated with degeneration in function of cardiac skeletal and respiratory muscles in patients with heart failure
    Principal Investigator: Charles W. Hoopes, MD

    Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support compared to mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory failure: a pilot study
    Principal Investigator: Charles W. Hoopes, MD

    Ex-Vivo lung perfusion (lung in the box) study
    Principal Investigator: Charles W. Hoopes, MD

    CentriMag right ventricular assist system (RVAS) post-approval study (PAS)
    Principal Investigator: Charles W. Hoopes, MD

    SynCardia Freedom™ Driver system study (Syncardia)
    Principal Investigator (site): Charles W. Hoopes, MD

    SynCardia temporary total artificial heart™ (TAH-t) Post-market Surveillance Study
    Principal Investigator (site): Charles W. Hoopes, MD

    NIH: Immune activation and myocardial recovery in peripartum Cardiomyopathy
    Principal Investigator: Navin Rajagopalan MD

    Left atrial pressure monitoring to optimize heart failure therapy (LAPTOP-HF)
    Principal Investigator (site): John C. Gurley, MD

    Inhaled nitric oxide/INOpulse DS for pulmonary arterial hypertension (IKARIA)
    Principal Investigator (site): David C. Booth, MD

    Should you participate in a clinical research study?

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    Multicenter clinical trials

    • Effects of Zortress® + Tacrolimus vs. Standard Immunosuppression on Progression of
      Coronary Artery Calcifications and Bone Disease in de novo renal Transplant Recipients
    • Switching STudy of Kidney TRansplant PAtients with Tremor to LCP-TacrO (STRATO)-
      (Study 3003)
    • Phase 2, Double-Blind, Double-Dummy, Multi-Center, Prospective, Randomized Study of
      the Pharmacokinetics of LCP‑Tacro™ Tablets, Once Daily, Compared to Prograf® Capsules,
      Twice Daily, for the Prevention of Acute Allograft Rejection in De Novo Adult Kidney
      Transplant Recipients (LCP-Tacro 2019
    • A Phase 2a, Randomized, Open-Label, Active Control, Multi-Center Study to Assess the
      Efficacy and Safety of ASKP1240 in de novo Kidney Transplant Recipients- (7163-CL-0108)
    • PASS 2: Effects of combination of bosentan and sildenafil versus sildenafil monotherapy on morbidity and mortality in symptomatic patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension – a multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled phase IV study
      Principal Investigator (site): David C. Booth, MD

    Not active

    • A Multi-Center, Randomized, Prospective, Open-Label Phase III Study to Evaluate the
      Efficacy, Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Hepatitis C Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human),
      Civacir™, in Orthotopic Liver Transplant Recipients

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