• A level of care unmatched in Kentucky

    What is UK HealthCare? We are multidisciplinary teams of physician specialists supported by some of the region's most highly trained teams of nurses, pharmacists, therapists and more. Our teams are equipped with the facilities, technology, protocols and healing environment necessary to provide complex, advanced subspecialty care. The result, we believe, is a level of care unmatched in Kentucky. 

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    Daily, UK HealthCare makes a difference in the lives of patients as well as in the lives of those they love. Four of those stories are told below. Many more could tell of options when they thought there were none, support at the time when they felt broken and regained quality of life. And that's why we're here.  

  • Jon Wes and Gardner Adams' story

    UK HealthCare experts save one, perhaps two lives, in diagnosing rare heart condition

    Jon Wes and Gardner Adams with their father and puppyJon Wes Adams usually turned right when starting his run at the UK Arboretum. This evening, he decided to go left, toward the center of the park. It was a decision that saved his life. A little more than six miles into his jog, Jon Wes’ heart stopped and he collapsed into a gathered group. The 26-year-old athlete had just dropped dead from sudden cardiac arrest. Bystanders performed CPR and UK Gill Heart Institute specialists sprung into action to save his life and find the cause. The answer would lead them to test everyone in his family. 

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  • Allyson Lovell's story

    Only Gill Heart Institute could provide the care Allyson needed

    Allyson Lovell and her motherNo one suspected congestive heart failure when a vibrant 23-year-old Allyson Lovell said she was having trouble breathing. By the time her cardiologist realized Allyson's heart was failing, her heart was pumping at only 8 percent efficiency. Immediately, Allyson was sent to the UK Gill Heart Institute. There, she got a level of heart care unmatched in Kentucky.

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  • Jack Musgrave's story

    Markey gave Jack time, options

    Jack and Gayle MusgraveDoctors diagnosed Jack Musgrave with esophageal cancer and told him he only had a few months to live. The experts at UK Markey Cancer Center wouldn’t accept that and employed the best medicine has to offer. Jack lived more than a year beyond that original diagnosis, gaining valuable time with family and friends. Jack's family think they made the right decision in choosing Markey.

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  • Audrey Robinson's story

    Audrey found world-class cancer care close to home

    Audrey Robinson and her husbandWhen Audrey Robinson learned she had advanced colon cancer, she and her husband, Don, considered going to a cancer center out of state. Then a friend told them they had a world-class cancer center right here in Lexington. Audrey’s battle has not been easy, but 10 years later, with the help of Markey Cancer Center, she’s still living her life – and that’s a victory. 

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