What conduct must I report?

As University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital employees, you are obligated to promptly report any conduct that you are aware of, that you in good faith believe is illegal, unethical, or abusive. Potential issues or areas of concern include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient Care
  • Patient Referrals and Referral Sources
  • Vendor and Supplier Relationships
  • Operational, Business and Financial Integrity
  • Soliciting, Receiving, Providing or Offering Illegal Compensation
  • Conflicts of Interest, Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Care
  • False Statements, Claims and Representations
  • Research and Scientific Integrity
  • Coding and Billing Practices
  • Confidentiality of Medical Information
  • Responding to Governmental Officials and Regulatory Agencies
  • Abuse of Controlled Substances
  • Drug and Device Misuse
  • Theft or Embezzlement
Page last updated: 5/11/2015 1:09:48 PM