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    Geriatric Clinic

    In the Lexington area, there is only one clinic that focuses purely on health and aging: The University of Kentucky Geriatric Clinic. This clinic is staffed by Dr. Nancy Stiles, one of the few board-certified, fellowship-trained geriatricians practicing in Kentucky.

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  • What our clinic provides

    The University of Kentucky Geriatric Clinic provides specialty geriatric care for individuals as they age. Although most individuals seen in the clinic are 65 years and older, the aging process begins at a much younger age. The clinic uses a comprehensive approach, taking into account medical, social and personal values to generate a thorough treatment plan.

    The clinic focuses on evaluation and management of age-related conditions such as falls, frailty, depression, malnutrition, osteoporosis, functional decline, stroke, diabetes and general health concerns related to the aging process. The clinic also provides care for adults who are generally healthy but want to take an active role in aging successfully and focus on preventive gerontology.

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