Poison prevention

We all want to keep our children safe and secure and help them live to their full potential. However, it doesn't take much to make a small child sick. Kids have faster metabolisms than adults and anything they ingest will be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly. Knowing how to prevent the leading causes of child injury is a step toward keeping our children safe. Here are a few tips to keep our little explorers from finding their way into household items that could be dangerous.

The hard facts

Poison Control Centers in the United States receive 1.2 million calls each year as a result of accidental poisoning of children ages 5 and under. Nearly 90 percent of these exposures occur in the home.

Top tips

  • Do not refer to your medication as candy. Children should not think of prescription or over the counter (OTC) medication as treats. When administering medication to your children, follow the dosage directions carefully. ¬†
  • Many parents keep their medications on the kitchen counter, on the nightstand, on the dinner table or in personal bags, such as purses, as a personal reminder to take our pills, but these are all easily accessible areas for children. Instead, write a note to remind yourself so you can keep all medication in a cabinet or area that is up and away from your children's view and grasp.
  • Store poisonous items out of reach or use safety locks on cabinets within reach. These items also include detergent pods for the laundry and dishwasher. It only takes a few minutes, and it gives you one less thing to worry about.
  • Put the toll free number for the Poison Control Center, 800-222-1222, into your home phone¬†and cellphone. You should also post it near your phone or on your refrigerator so a caregiver or baby sitter can see it easily.

Learn more

To learn more about poison prevention, check out the video and literature below:

Medication Safety Research Study (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Poison Fact Sheet (PDF, 52 KB)
Carbon Monoxide Safety (PDF, 260 KB)

Safe storage and dosing of medicine

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