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Home safety

Home - it's where children grow up and learn, the place where they find comfort, love and care. It's where they can learn, discover and experience the world around them in a comfortable environment so their minds and bodies can develop. Home is also a place where children need to feel safe. We may not realize it, but there are many dangers in our homes. Here are some risk areas to be aware of and tips to prevent accidents from happening.

The hard facts

Home injuries are a leading source of accidental deaths for children. Almost 21 million medical visits and 20,000 deaths each year are a result of accidents in the home. These accidents occur from children choking on objects, being bitten by a trusted pet, furniture or television tip-overs or wandering out the front door. Fortunately, home injuries are largely avoidable through education and preventative measures. Parents can take a proactive steps to childproof their homes and keep their children safe by teaching them practical rules.

Top Tips

  • Never leave your children alone near water. Splashing around in the water at bath time or playtime is great fun for children but water can present many possible hazards. It only takes a couple seconds for drowning to occur so be sure to supervise your children at all times when near water.
  • To prevent furniture from falling over, use brackets, braces or wall straps to secure top-heavy pieces to the wall.
  • Mount flat-screen TVs to the wall to prevent them from toppling off stands.
  • Keep sleeping areas as bare as possible, especially for babies. An infant's nose and mouth can be covered accidentally by fluffy pillows, comforters or stuffed animals, restricting his or her ability to breath. Instead, use one light blanket and tuck each end under the mattress to create a pocket. The blanket should only reach to the center of your baby's chest so it can't be pulled over their head.

Learn more

Check out our literature and video below to learn more about other risk areas in your home and how to prevent possible accidents in the future:  

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TV tip-over awareness

Más información

Por favor, lea nuestra literatura abajo para aprender sobre los muebles vuelco riesgos en su casa y cómo prevenir posibles accidentes en el futuro.

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