• The power of rebuilding a shattered knee and a shattered dream

    Through world-class treatment and prevention, sports medicine specialists work to get athletes back in the game.

    When an athlete suffers an injury, it affects more than just their body.

    A ligament tear, bone break or joint trauma doesn’t just sideline a person from their favorite activity; it sidelines progress, goals and dreams, too.

    The world-renowned specialists at UK Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine understand what it takes to rebuild broken bodies and broken dreams. From treatment plans tailored to each person’s sport and fitness level to rehab led by the same experts who treat UK’s athletes, the sports medicine team works tirelessly to get patients back to the activities they love.

    At their first visit to the clinic, patients sit down with the team of sports medicine specialists to create an individualized plan of treatment. That plan can include surgery or rehabilitation options for less serious injuries.

    Rehab isn’t just about fixing the current injury − it’s about making sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

    If surgery is required, the team’s nationally and internationally recognized surgeons offer a wide array of leading-edge treatment options, including meniscal transplantation, articular cartilage transplantation and other state-of-the-art arthroscopic procedures. The surgery team also specializes in reconstructive surgical procedures to repair damage in the knees and hips.

    Patients also have the benefit of working with the sports rehabilitation team, which designs personalized conditioning programs to improve range of motion, flexibility and strength after an injury. Rehab isn’t just about fixing the current injury, either. It’s about making sure it doesn’t happen again in the future. That’s why every treatment plan also includes prevention education to help patients stay healthy after they return to action.

    UK’s sports medicine specialists know that injuries, no matter how severe, are a devastating blow for an athlete. They know successful treatment means more than fixing the injury in question. It means giving every patient the confidence that returning to the field or court isn’t just a possibility, it’s a reality.