For Health Care Providers

We consider it a privilege to work with you to provide the highest level of care for your patients. Ongoing communication with the entire radiation medicine team is an important component of care. During the time we provide therapy to your patient, you may expect communication from us on a regular basis.

You may reach us by calling the Radiation Medicine department directly at 859-323-6486, or toll free through UK-MDs at 1-800-888-5533. You may also call the UK-MDs number to arrange a referral for a new patient, obtain a consultation with a member of our team, and request progress reports, lab results or discharge information.


UK Radiation Medicine is nationally and regionally involved in several research programs to find the basis of cancer and develop more effective cancer treatments.

Some of our research is supported by grants from the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society and the University of Kentucky. You can also be a part of the effort. Your gift to the Department of Radiation Medicine Research and Educational Fund would help support these research activities. To make a gift, contact Beverly Birdwhistell at 859-323-1434.

If you have further questions, contact Jackie Sims at 859-323-1144 or 859-323-6486.

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