Clinical Research Programs

Spatially fractionated (GRID) radiation for advanced cancer

Patients with advanced forms of cancer require advanced treatment. GRID radiation uses higher doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells without damaging normal cells. Our Radiation Medicine facility is the only one in the nation that provides this type of treatment. 

Low dose radiation as a chemosensitizer

There are a number of cancers that respond poorly to chemotherapy drugs. Adding very low doses of targeted radiation can enhance the effectiveness of these drugs 300-400 percent, thereby improving treatment results.

Multimodality therapy of lung cancer

5-year survival of patients with advanced lung cancer is less than 10 percent. This program uses a combined approach of chemo-radiation to maximize results while minimizing the side effects of treatment.

Fractionated stereotactic radiosurgery of intercranial gliomas

Despite improvements, 5-year survival for patients with brain tumors is low. Gamma Knife radiosurgery delivers a high dose of focused radiation to the tumor. This study expands the use of fractionated stereotactic Gamma Knife radiosurgery to improve brain tumor treatment. 

Cisplatin chemotherapy and radiotherapy for advanced stage head and neck cancer

The use of radiation therapy and surgery has significantly improved the cure rates in advanced head and neck tumors. This program uses an intra arterial Cisplatin-based chemotherapy regimen with twice-daily radiation to increase tumor response and avoid major surgery for patients with head and neck cancer.

Biology Research Programs 

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