64 UK HealthCare Doctors Named Best in America in 2005

Best DoctorsFor more information about this prestigious award visit www.bestdoctors.com.  UK has more physicians on the list than any other hospital or medical center in the state of Kentucky. The following 64 UK physicians were honored in this year's list of Best Doctors in America®:

Brain & Nervous System

Joseph R. Berger, Neurology 

Toufik A. Fakhoury, Neurology 

Edward Kasarskis, Neurology 

Kevin Nelson, Neurology 

Roy A. Patchell, Neurosurgery 

L. Creed Pettigrew, Neurology 

Thomas Pittman, Neurosurgery 

Charles D. Smith, Jr., Neurology 

Phillip Tibbs, Neurosurgery 

Tarvez Tucker, Neurology 

Byron Young, Neurosurgery 

Cancer Care

Kenneth B. Ain, Oncology/Hematology 

Susanne M. Arnold, Oncology/Hematology 

Alfred M. Cohen, Colon and Rectal Surgery  

Philip A. DeSimone, Oncology/Hematology 

Patrick C. McGrath, Surgical Oncology 

John J. Rinehart, Oncology/Hematology 

Edward Romond, Oncology/Hematology 

David A. Sloan, Surgical Oncology 

Children’s Health & Pediatrics

Henrietta Salvilla Bada-Ellzey, Pediatric Neonatology 

Robert J. Baumann, Pediatric Neurology 

Robert A. Broughton, Pediatric Infectious Disease 

Thomas Di Sessa, Pediatric Cardiology 

Jamshed F. Kanga, Pediatric Pulmonology 

Mark Parrott, Pediatrics (General) 

Jay A. Perman, Pediatric Gastroenterology 

Heinrich Werner, Pediatric Critical Care 

Peter Wong, Pediatrics (General) 

Digestive Disorders

Nicholas Nickl, III, Gastroenterology  

Ear, Nose and Throat

Raleigh O. Jones, Otolaryngology 

Joseph Valentino, Otolaryngology  

Eye Care

Jayakrishna Ambati, Ophthalmology 

John D. Conklin, Jr., Ophthalmology 

P. Andrew Pearson, Ophthalmology 

Sheila Sanders, Ophthalmology 

Julia C. Stevens, Ophthalmology 

Woodford S. Van Meter, Ophthalmology  

Heart Care

John C. Gurley, Cardiovascular Disease 

David J. Moliterno, Cardiovascular Disease 

Steven R. Steinhubl, Cardiovascular Disease  

Infectious Disease

Alice C. Thornton, Infectious Disease 

Internal Medicine

T. Shawn Caudill, Internal Medicine (General) 

Richard P. Lofgren, Internal Medicine (General)  

Lungs & Breathing

Rolando Berger, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine 

Dennis E. Doherty, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine 

Barbara A. Phillips, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine  

Maternity & Women’s Health

Paul D. DePriest, Obstetrics and Gynecology 

James E. Ferguson, II, Maternal-Fetal Medicine 

Wendy Fetterman Hansen, Maternal-Fetal Medicine 

John R. van Nagell, Obstetrics and Gynecology  

Orthopedic Surgery (Sports Medicine)

Scott D. Mair, Orthopedic Surgery (Sports Medicine)   

Pain Management

Raeford E. Brown, Jr., Anesthesiology 

John H. Eichhorn, Anesthesiology 

Brenda Fahy, Anesthesiology 

William O. Witt, Anesthesiology  


Michael L. Cibull, Pathology 

Diane D. Davey, Pathology 

William Markesbery, Pathology  

Plastic Surgery

Henry C. Vasconez, Plastic Surgery  

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Gerald V. Klim, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation  


Robert W. Lightfoot, Jr., Rheumatology  


Eric D. Endean, Surgery

Paul A. Kearney, Surgery  


Randall G. Rowland, Urology   

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