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    Pediatric Dentistry

    Enrique Bimstein, DDS  

    Physician referral, phone consults, hospital transfers • Call UK•MDs: 800-888-5533
    Fax: 859-323-4607 or 859-257-6325

    Pediatric Dentistry at Kentucky Children’s Hospital provides consultation and comprehensive care for all levels of oral/dental needs for infants, children and adolescents. Service is available for the compromised or normal healthy patient.

    For patient appointments: 859-323-6261 or 859-257-1000    Fax: 859-257-2043

  • Specialties

    • Complex dental conditions in children
    • Conscious sedation and general anesthesia
    • Dental care for young patients with severe medical problems or severe mental problems

  • Twilight Dental Clinic for Kids

    The Twilight Dental Clinic for Kids offers affordable, convenient after-work or after-school evening appointments for children age 4 - 10. Children visiting this clinic will be seen by a student dentist who is nearing the completion of four years of training beyond a college education. The student dentist works under the close supervision of board-certified specialists in pediatric dentistry.

    Appointments: 859-323-6525

  • Clinic location

    Kentucky Clinic Dentistry
    Second Floor, A219
    740 S. Limestone
    Lexington KY 40536

    Mailing address

    College of Dentistry
    Division of Pediatric Dentistry
    A219 Kentucky Clinic
    740 S. Limestone
    Lexington KY 40536