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  • Contact Physician Liaisons

    Karen Riggs photoKaren Riggs, Physician Liaison Program Director
    Office: (859) 257-3578
    Mobile: (859) 285-0042

    Physician Liaisons

    RebeccaRebecca Craft-Carlos, Physician Liaison
    Mobile: (859) 285-8083
    Territory: Southern and Southeastern Kentucky and Tennessee; Southern region of Western Kentucky

    TaraTarra Crane, Physician Liaison
    Mobile: (859) 559-7602
    Territory: Northern and Central Kentucky and Ohio; Northern region of Western Kentucky

    LindaLinda Hays, Physician Liaison
    Mobile: (606) 315-4361 

    Territory: Eastern Kentucky and West Virginia

     ED/EMS Liaisons

    MichelleMichelle Bowe, ED/EMS Liaison
    Mobile: (859) 361-1371
    Territory: Southern, Central, and Southwestern Kentucky

    SusanSusan Farley, ED/EMS Liaison
    Mobile: (859) 536-0856
    Territory: Northern, Central, and Southeastern Kentucky

    Like us on FacebookNikki Sadler, Administrative Assistant
    Office: (859) 323-4845

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