Pavilion/building identification system

Below is a short overview of the way finding system for the six pavilions in Chandler Hospital.

Each pavilion is clearly marked internally and externally with their designated letters.


  • Gill Building—Pavilion G
  • Hospital Addition (Critical Care Tower)—Pavilion HA
  • Kentucky Children's Hospital—Pavilion H
  • New Patient Care Facility—Pavilion A
  • Original Hospital Building—Pavilion H
  • Roach Cancer Care Facility (Markey)—Pavilion CC
  • Whitney-Hendrickson Building—Pavilion WH

Navigation tips

  • Reference the pavilion letter and building.
  • Use the hospital parking garage at Limestone and Transcript Avenue. Ask the garage ambassador and/or shuttle drivers to suggest the best route to their destination. 
  • Use our directions page to get customized directions and a map.
  • For additional help, stop by any information desk near a main entrance.

Common services, their pavilion designation and suggested entrance

  • Breast Care Center—Pavilion WH
  • Birthing Center—Pavilion HA
  • Center for Advanced Surgery—Pavilion G (best entrance, A)
  • Chemotherapy—Pavilion WH
  • Children's Hospital—Pavilion HA (best entrance, A)
  • Gill Heart Institute—Pavilion G (best entrance, A)
  • Infusion Center—G (best entrance, A)
  • Markey Multidisciplinary Clinic—Pavilion WH
  • MRI at Chandler—Pavilion H
  • Radiation Medicine—Pavilion CC
  • Transplant Clinic—Pavilion H

Location of most common tests

  • Diagnostic Imaging—Pavilion H
  • Endoscopy—Pavilion H
  • Gill Imaging Center—Pavilion G (best entrance, A)
  • Interventional/Cath Lab—Pavilion G (best entrance, H)
  • Mammography/Breast Imaging—Pavilion CC (best entrance, H)

Pavilions with patient rooms

  • Patient Rooms beginning with A (New Pavilion)—Pavilion A
  • Patient Rooms beginning with CC (Roach Cancer Care Facility)—Pavilion CC
  • Patient Rooms beginning with H (Original Hospital)—Pavilion H
  • Patient Rooms beginning with HA (ICUs/Children’s Hospital)—Pavilion HA (enter through A) 
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