Nirmala S. Desai, MD

Practice areas

  • Neonatology

Practice areas

  • Neonatology

Clinical interests

  • Medical Bioethics
  • Neonatal Nutrition
  • Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
  • Neonatology

Nirmala S. Desai, MD


Natalan Hendren Patient Story
The Hendren family with Enrique Gomez, MD, and Nirmala Desai, MD, at the Neonatal ICU Graduate Clinic for the first time since Natalan’s discharge from the NICU where she was a patient for 72 days. Read Natalan's patient story »

My name is Nirmala Desai; I received my medical degree from Maharaja Sayayirao University, Baroda, India. I then completed a pediatric residency at Boston Children's Hospital before completing a fellowship at Boston Hospital for Women. I am board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in General Pediatrics and Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine.

Faculty rank

Professor of Pediatrics


Maharaja Sayayirao University, Baroda, India

Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit
Boston Children's Hospital

Boston Hospital for Women

Certifications or Special training
American Board of Pediatrics
American Board of Pediatrics, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine 


Kentucky Children's Hospital
UK Chandler Hospital - Pavilion HA
Fourth Floor
800 Rose St.
Lexington KY 40536-0293

Call 859-323-5000

To transfer neonates to our facility, please contact UKMD's at 800-888-5533

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