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Clinic or unit-specific forms

The following forms can be used by clinics to order items from the pharmacy. The forms are pdf documents.

For questions, please call 859-257-3500 to speak with the Pharmacy Clinic Administrator. Fax all forms to 859-257-4001. Orders placed by 3 p.m. will be processed and ready for pickup the next business day. Delivery options are available.

Dentistry Clinic Order Form 

ENT Clinic Order Form 

Family Practice Clinic  

General Surgery Clinic  

GI Clinic  

Good Samaritan Surgical Specialty  

Gynecology-Oncology Clinic Infectious Disease/Bluegrass Care Clinic  

Medicine Clinic 

KY Neuroscience Institute 

Opthalmology Clinic 

Orthopaedics Clinic 

Pediatric Clinics 

Plastics Clinic 

KY Clinic South - Primary Care  

Rehab Clinic 

Salvation Army Clinic 

University Health Services Clinic 

UK Athletics Clinic 

Urology Clinic 

Women's Health Clinic 

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