Patient Care Floors

Intensive care unit (ICU) patient room 

Our goal: Create efficient and comfortable spaces with patient care at the center of all we do. 

Two new patient care floors in the new Pavilion A opened on May 22, 2011:  

  • Floor 6 - Neuroscience Services
  • Floor 7 - Trauma and Acute Care Services

Key features of every floor include:

  • 64 private patient rooms connected by dedicated public areas with waiting rooms, refreshment station, restrooms and family consultation rooms
    • 24 ICU rooms
    • 14 acute care rooms designed to provide a continuum of care across a specific medical condition
    • 26 progressive care beds
  • Public areas separate from patient and staff support areas to minimize noise
    and stress
  • Supplies, equipment and nourishment conveniently located between groups of patient rooms to optimize efficient care
  • Provider workstations outside patient rooms to maximize patient observation, helping nurses to respond quickly to changes in patient conditions
  • Nearby workstations and support space to ensure more caregiver time at the patient bedside
  • Patient tracking boards within team stations

Efficiencies of every patient care floor: 

  • Locating patients with similar medical needs on the same floor improves patient care and streamlines efficiencies. Patients, families and medical teams benefit from resources dedicated to specific specialties.
  • All patient floors are designed to accommodate both acute and intensive care patients, depending on the need. This platform of care allows medical teams to care for patients without transferring them to a different floor.
  • The center core of every floor has been carefully designed to support workflow and efficiencies and includes team and resident workrooms, medications and supplies. Each floor maximizes time spent caring for patients while minimizing patient transfers and handoffs.

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