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    After tearing her ACL, Kate is on the road to recovery and playing volleyball

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    A torn ACL stopped Kate from playing. 

    When Lexington-native Kate Stromberg tore her anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, in October 2012, she didn’t know where to turn for help.

    Stromberg, now a volleyball player at Florida Southern College, tore her ACL during her sophomore season when her left knee gave out while she attempted to come down from a jump. She knew she needed surgery, but wasn’t sure where to have the procedure.

    After researching possible hospitals to complete her ACL surgery, she decided to return home to Lexington and UK HealthCare. Specifically, Stromberg says family and friends recommended UK Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine because of the overwhelming positive experiences they had with the department.

    “My experience was wonderful, at least under the circumstances I was given,” Stromberg says.

    “Everybody was nice and personable and always had answers to all of my questions.”

    The Road to Recovery


    After treatment, Katie is back to playing volleyball. 

    UK surgeon Darren L. Johnson, MD, completed her ACL repair and helped get her on the right track to recovery. Stromberg had to head back to Florida shortly after her procedure, but the doctors at UK communicated with her trainers at school to ensure a speedy and healthy recovery.

    Back at school, Stromberg made sure to ice her injury, rest and get her knee moving as much as possible. As Christmas break rolled around, she returned to Lexington and met with the UK Physical Therapy team to make sure she was still on track toward a full recovery.

    Volleyball is an explosive sport that requires significant jumping and landing, as well as shuffling and pivoting, so the therapists at UK gave Stromberg sport-specific exercises to help her rehabilitate. They included vertical jumps as well as ladder movements to work on speed and directional changes. “They continued to do a great job at keeping in contact with my trainers at school so everybody was on the same page,” she says.

    Stromberg still is not at 100-percent recovery, but she says she’s feeling stronger after every game she plays this season.

    “I try to take every day as a blessing that I am able to play the sport I love again,” she says.

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