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Nathan Carter

picture of Nathan CarterNathan Carter was 14 when his mother decided his complaints about being tired and thirsty were abnormal. After a visit to the doctor, he was admitted to Kentucky Children's Hospital because his blood sugar was dangerously high.

Nathan was diagnosed with type II diabetes and had to learn how to inject insulin and to monitor his medication. By changing his diet, Nathan lost 30 pounds and was taken off insulin shots. Nathan is now inspiring others to believe in their ability to control diabetes.

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Taylor Gallavati


kchfund_taylor.jpgAt six months old, Taylor Gallavati developed her first virus. The virus went away, but soon her eyes began to move back and forth and her muscles began to jerk. After going to many other hospitals and receiving no answers, Taylor's family sought treatment from Kentucky Children's Hospital. After many tests, Taylor was diagnosed with Opsoclonus-myoclonus Syndrome, sometimes referred to as "dancing eyes-dancing feet." Children with this syndrome often begin to rapidly regress and developmental milestones fall behind until a diagnosis is made and correct treatment is given. At the age of 5 ½ months, she could no longer sit up or make any noises. Taylor was instantly put on a regimen of medicine and is now a healthy seven-year-old.

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