UK Chandler Emergency Department Programs:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) Services

The Hyperbaric chamber allows cardiac rhythm monitoring, intravenous infusions, mechanical ventilation, and air breaks for patients undergoing treatment.  This service follows the approved uses of hyperbaric treatment as developed by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society and the approved indications for hyperbaric treatment as established by Medicare.  The equipment used is a Sechrist monoplace chamber capable of pressures to 3.0 ATA (atmospheres absolute or 66 psi).

Air Medical Service

UK HealthCare Emergency Medicine provides medical direction to the PHI Air Medical Transport Lexington-based helicopter.  Air medical transport services provide rapid critical care transport of acutely ill and injured patients throughout central and eastern Kentucky.

Event Medical Services

UK HealthCare Emergency Medicine provides medical direction and physician support to the UK Chandler Hospital Event Medical Services program. This program provides onsite medical care to large public events including:

• football and basketball games
• auto racing
• concerts
• horse shows

This service provides the necessary staff and equipment for large gatherings, including:

• physicians
• nurses
• paramedics
• emergency medical technicians (EMTs)
• air medical helicopter
• ground ambulances
• medical supplies

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