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TomoTherapy® Fact Sheet

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What is TomoTherapy?

The UK Brain & Body Radiosurgery Program features the TomoTherapy® Hi-Art ® treatment system. It is one of the most advanced and versatile radiation therapy systems available for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers.

Conventional radiation therapy machines deliver a wide beam of radiation from only a few angles. The Hi-Art treatment system uses its unique CT scanner design to deliver radiation continuously from all angles around the patient. More angles and more precise modulation result in dose distributions that conform to tumors like never before, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

The Hi-Art treatment system lets clinicians efficiently acquire 3-D CTrue ® images of patients every treatment day. With these images, clinicians can check the size, shape and location of tumors before each treatment. Then they can compare that day's image with the one used for planning, ensuring that radiation will be directed precisely.

Behind the scenes

Before beginning a TomoTherapy treatment, the doctor puts together a plan using 3-D images from a combination of scanning technologies (such as CT and MRI) and special software to establish the precise contours for each tumor and surrounding sensitive organs or tissues.

The doctor then decides how much radiation the tumor should receive, as well as acceptable levels for nearby healthy tissue. Based on the doctor's prescribed dose, the system calculates the appropriate pattern position and intensity of the radiation beams to be delivered.

The treatment process

A typical course of radiation therapy involves a daily process Monday through Friday, although the number of treatments varies by case. After checking in, patients are taken to the TomoTherapy treatment room where a radiation therapist helps them onto the Hi-Art system's couch. Most patients lie on their backs, and the therapist may fit them with a special device to help them hold still
during treatment.

First, the couch moves the patient through the machine once for daily CTrue imaging. Based on these images, the therapist fine-tunes the patient's position via small adjustments if necessary. Then the couch will move the patient through the machine once again, this time more slowly, as the Hi-Art system delivers the daily treatment.

Treatment is quick and painless. The experience is similar to having an X-ray taken. On average, a full daily TomoTherapy procedure takes only 20 minutes from when the patient enters the treatment room until he or she leaves.

Why choose TomoTherapy?

The new capabilities of TomoTherapy give clinicians more control in the development of precise treatment plans and more confidence in the accuracy of treatment delivery. In the end, however, it's what the patient gains that matters most: truly personalized care that can successfully treat many cancers.

For more information about the Brain & Body Radiosurgery Program and TomoTherapy, contact 859-257-7712 or 859-257-1000, or visit

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