Help UK win the NIH viral video contest

In February 2014, the NIH sent out a call for creative, viral-type 90-second videos that explain to the general public the impact of NIH funding. This competition is part of the 10-Year Commemoration of the NIH Roadmap and NIH Common Fund. The 4-5 videos with the most "likes" on Youtube will win, and will be featured at the June 19, 2014 10-Year Commemoration Symposium and via live video cast. Dr. Peixuan Guo was specifically asked to submit a video, and reached out to REVEAL, the media team in Research Communications, funded by the Vice President for Research. In less than a month we conceived, choreographed, created props, recruited students, and filmed a mini "flash mob" on March 6, 2014, to highlight Dr. Guo's research.

Guo one of foremost RNA nanotechnology experts

Peixuan Guo in the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy is one of the world's foremost RNA nanotechnology experts, and he's made some big breakthroughs thanks to NIH funding. Support Dr. Guo and help UK win the NIH’s “viral video” contest. Sign in to YouTube, and “like” our video. The videos with the most "likes" win. Contest deadline is May 9, 2014.

Funding leads to breakthroughs

NIH funding to Peixuan Guo has led to three major breakthroughs. The first is discovery of a revolving biomotor that can serve as a prototype for synthetic nanomotors. These motors could deliver therapeutic DNA, RNA or drugs into diseased cells. The second discovery involves inserting this biomotor into a lipid membrane for environmental monitoring, athlete drug screening and disease diagnosis. This technology has the potential to deliver a person’s entire genome for as low as $1,000, through single-pore DNA sequencing. The third breakthrough was creation of an RNA nanotechnology platform to construct nanoparticles to treat cancer. This technology targets and destroys cancer cells exclusively, without harming healthy tissue.

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