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GI SPORE: Cores (Institutional Funding)

Core C: Biostatistics and Informatics Core (BIC)

Core Director: WEISS, Heidi L.  

The objective of the Biostatistics and Informatics Core (BIC) is to provide a comprehensive and centralized support that integrates the biostatistical activities of this GI SPORE. To address this overall goal, the Specific Aims of the core are to:

Aim 1. Coordinate and manage the statistical activities to ensure that investigators have ready access to biostatistical consultation that will facilitate a collaborative environment within the SPORE.

Aim 2. Provide investigators with biostatistical expertise in study planning, design, and state-of-the-art statistical analysis of the translational projects, which will encompass laboratory, preclinical experiments, biomarker and bioinformatics studies in clinical biospecimens, clinical trials and population studies.

Aim 3. Provide comprehensive support during study conduct to include interim analysis, generation of progress reports, data management and quality control activities.

Aim 4. Provide investigators with informatics expertise specifically to maintain and enhance design of an integrated database information management system, facilitate data sharing and ensure data security.

This GI SPORE proposes laboratory and murine experiments, clinical biospecimen and bioinformatics translational studies, early phase clinical trials to assess safety and biological modulation of targeted therapies and population-based cancer interventions. The BIC will play a key role in provision of scientific and statistical input and utilize sound experimental principles in study planning and development, maintain and enhance an information management system, developed during the pilot funding of this SPORE, to promote widespread and secure data sharing across the SPORE components, and facilitate provision of timely and high-quality statistical analysis and data interpretation. The BIC of this SPORE application will draw biostatistical and informatics expertise from existing members of the Markey Cancer Center’s Biostatistics and Informatics Shared Resource Facilities, respectively.

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