Markey Shared Resource Facilities

The facilities described in this section are core cancer center facilities and are given direct support from the cancer center. The services offered by these facilities foster and facilitate advances in the prevention, early detection and management of cancer.

These combined resources support a broad spectrum of molecular, cellular, animal, human and behavioral/epidemiology studies for advancement of the overall mission of the center. Each SRF has the capacity to contribute to the entire translational continuum, from basic and preclinical studies to translational, bioinformatics, clinical, cancer control/prevention, epidemiologic and population-based studies.

We recommend that several SRFs be engaged in order to ensure comprehensive and complementary services for your projects.


Markey's Developing Shared Resource Facilities

Oncogenomics Shared Resource Facility (OG SRF)
Director: Siva Theru Arumugam, PhD, FACMG;

Functioning as one component of the UK HealthCare Genomics Core, the OG SRF provides state-of-the-art technologies specifically adapted to needs of MCC investigators to facilitate ge­nomics into the translational pathway from basic research to clinical and population-based studies. The OG SRF offers a variety of services, includ­ing genomic study design and consultation; next generation sequencing for targeted resequencing, whole genome sequencing, RNA-seq, methylation and Chip-seq; microarray technology; Sanger sequencing; pyrosequencing; realtime PCR; and nanostring technology. The OG-SRF will play a critical role in Markey’s directors for research and delivery of precision medicine.

Behavioral and Community-Based Research Shared Resource Facility (BCBR SRF)
Co-directors: Jamie Studts, PhD;; Robin Vanderpool, DrPH;

The BCBR SRF creates and maintains collabo­rative relationships with Markey clinician-scientists to support non-therapeutic research within clinics focusing on behavioral, psychosocial, survivor­ship, epidemiologic and health services research. Community-based research collaborations are facilitated in concert with the Kentucky Cancer Program, CCTS Community Engagement Core, the Markey Research and Affiliate Networks, and other established community partners. The BCBR SRF provides scientific consultation regarding patient and community-oriented methods such as survey design, outcomes measurement, psycho­metrics, medical chart review, epidemiologic methods, participatory research and medical record review.

Inquiries and feedback

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Acknowledging an SRF in your research

Markey Cancer Center shared resources are supported primarily by the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute (P30CA177558). Additional support may be provided from other sources, such as chargeback systems, institutional funding and/or other grants. CCSG support allows our shared resource facilities to provide benefits to cancer center members, such as ensured access to services or subsidies to user rates.

CCSG guidelines require the P30 grant be cited for all research publications that use SRF support. SRF directors should be consulted if an individual from an SRF provides intellectual input or collaborative support to research. 

If your research used an SRF service and/or an SRF member provided intellectual input or collaborative support, use the following statement to acknowledge Markey Cancer Center shared resources:

This research was supported by the _______ Shared Resource(s) of the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center (P30CA177558).

This acknowledgement is necessary for publications and should be used for research papers, publications and grant applications.

Shared resource facility websites

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