The MCCSAIF has teamed up with MCC Core Information Systems to provide a computer-based method of reserving procedure rooms and equipment. This scheduling system allows researchers to check room availability and/or schedule procedure rooms via the internet.

The Scheduling system can be found at the following URL:

Use your University of Kentucky link blue ID to access the Scheduling system. If you are using a computer outside of the UKHC firewall you will need to use UK's VPN client.

The Scheduling system is built on Microsoft Silverlight. Download Microsoft Silverlight from here: 

The following resources can be reserved online:

Immunodeficient mice facility:
Surgery station N1 (room 060A1)
Surgery station N2 (room 060A1)
Necropsy station (room 060E)
Xenogen IVIS 50 (room 060E)
GFP/RFP Panoramic Imaging System (room 060E)

Regular/transgenic mice facility:
Surgery station (room 040D1)
Necropsy station (room 040D1)
Xenogen IVIS Spectrum (room 040D1)

All appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
Appointments may not be changed within 24 hours of the scheduled time.

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