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Location and directions


Campus Map 
College of Pharmacy Building
789 South Limestone Street 40536-0596
Building #0596; Code: BPC

Google Map

Interactive Campus Map (#596)

Campus Map (Parking) 
Employee parking (E-parking) available at Parking Structure #6

Visitor parking available at Parking Garage #8

MCCSAIF is composed of two separate facilities – facility for immunodeficient mice and facility for regular/transgenic mice. Each facility has housing room with a connected procedure room.

Immunodeficient mice facility:
060A – animal housing room
060A1 – procedure room with two surgery stations
060E – procedure room with necropsy station and imaging equipment

Regular/transgenic mice facility:
050B – animal housing room
040D1 – procedure room with surgery station, necropsy station and imaging equipment


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