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Starting your project

Use of the Research Communications Office is intended for cancer center members and their cancer-related projects.

When you contact us to begin a project, we’ll probably ask a few questions. Knowing the answers from the start will help us turn the project around quickly and devote as much time as possible to high-quality work:

  • When do you need to have the project complete? 
  • What final format should we use for your materials?
  • Does anyone else besides you need to receive the finished version?
  • Are the components you are providing us as complete and final as possible?
  • Is this a revision of or related to any work we’ve done for you in the past? Do any of the components overlap?

Which RCO staff member can help you?


If you have questions about… 


Please contact 


  • Editing your manuscript
  • Assembling or editing graphics / figures
  • Compiling a PowerPoint presentation
  • Designing your poster
  • Reviewing your grant

Pre-award grant administration

(Includes completing administrative forms, preparing your budget, initiating the eIAF, tracking the progress of your proposal and eIAF, and ensuring compliance)

These services are provided through the College of Medicine's Sponsored Research Integrated Business Unit. The IBU is managed by Laura Davis. Markey's key contacts are Marcia Ballard and Sally Grasch.

  • Markey Research Seminars
  • Cancer Research Day
  • Other cancer-related events

The Markey Minute weekly newsletter or Markey Quarterly newsletter

How long will my project take?

We will do our best to communicate how long it will take to complete each job that comes our way. Standard turnaround times will vary based on our schedule; giving us as much notice as possible will help ensure we can provide work that is thorough and meets your standards. If you have a specific, set deadline, please communicate that as early as possible.

The majority of projects, such as manuscript editing, figure compilation and poster creation, can be completed in one week, but there will be many times when our office is busier than normal or working on large cancer projects with significant deadlines. The earlier you can let us know your project will need help and send your materials, the better.

After we’re finished

We’d love to know the results – did you get compliments on your presentation? Was your manuscript published? Please follow up and let us know what we can do better and what you liked. And remember to fill out our feedback survey.

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