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Meet us

 Markey RCO team

Research Communications Office. L to R: Cathy Anthony, Jennifer Rogers, Heather Russell-Simmons, Terry Keys, Donna Gilbreath.

Cathy Anthony, Editor
Cathy has been with the Markey Cancer Center since March 2012. She has a PhD in anatomy from Vanderbilt University, and before coming to UK, was actively engaged in cancer research at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. Cathy has experience writing, editing, graphic design and project management.

Donna Gilbreath, Designer/Editor
Donna has worked at UK since 1985 and has been with the Markey Cancer Center since October 2009. She has an MA in geography and her interests include public health geography and cartography. Donna has expertise in mapping, information graphics, and editing.

Terry Keys, Cancer Education Liaison
Terry began working at the Markey Cancer Center in the summer of 2009. With his strong background in event planning, he capably arranges educational seminars, including a weekly Markey Research Seminar series (Wednesdays at noon) and the Markey Distinguished Visitor Seminar Series. Terry is in charge of the annual Cancer Research Day, an event that showcases cancer research. He also organizes Markey’s Patient Advisory Group, through which he gathers patient feedback about Markey and uses it to negotiate positive changes in the patient experience.

Jennifer Rogers, Designer/Editor
Jennifer has been at UK and a member of the RCO team since December 2010. She has a journalism degree from Eastern Kentucky University. She has extensive experience in writing, editing, graphic design, web site management, marketing, branding and public relations.

Heather Russell-Simmons, Designer/Editor
Heather joined the Markey Cancer Center in 2011. She has a degree in Integrated Strategic Communications and an MA in Communications from the University of Kentucky. She has more than 10 years of experience in writing, editing, graphic design, project management, advertising, marketing and communications.

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