Cancer screening program

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Markey Cancer Center, Kentucky’s only National Cancer Institute designated center, is pleased to offer a comprehensive cancer screening, education, and prevention program.

Markey works with cancer education programs, evidence-based research groups, local healthcare providers, and our Markey-affiliated partners to further cancer prevention and education all across Kentucky.

Our ultimate goal is simple: We want to save lives. 

Education and screenings are important in doing that. Our team is here to help.


Screening exams are simply medical tests done when you’re healthy. It’s like taking a car in for a tune up. You want to make sure you’re keeping a close check on your body at recommended ages for screenings.

Those ages may vary depending on your family history. Talk to your doctor about your family’s history of cancer and your personal health history. Both play a major role in deciding what screenings may be best for you.

The frequency of those screenings may also vary from person to person. Please ask your doctor how often you should get particular screenings.

In addition, please pay attention to your body. If you notice any changes, let your doctor know.

Markey Cancer Center offers screening exams for the cancers below:

   • Breast
   • Cervical
   • Colorectal
   • Lung
   • Ovarian
   • Prostate
   • Skin

Free screenings for eligible individuals

You may be eligible for free cancer screenings if you meet particular requirements. Some of those include:

   • Age 50 to 80.
   • Underinsured or uninsured.
   • Household income below 200 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Partner of the American Cancer Society

Markey is proud to partner with the American Cancer Society. If you have questions about at what age you should get particular screenings, please check out the ACS’s recommendations.

Please don’t hesitate to call Markey for information on screenings that could save your life or someone you love. We want to help you understand what is available.

For more information

For more information, please call 859-257-1000 or toll free at 800-333-8874.

You may also contact Markey’s Community Outreach Director, Melissa Hounshell, at or 859-323-2034.

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