Oncogenomics Shared Resource Facility (OG SRF)

Director: Siva Theru Arumugam, PhD, FACMG; email: sth248@uky.edu

Functioning as one component of the UK HealthCare Genomics Core, the OG SRF provides state-of-the-art technologies specifically adapted to needs of MCC investigators to facilitate ge­nomics into the translational pathway from basic research to clinical and population-based studies. The OG SRF offers a variety of services, includ­ing genomic study design and consultation; next generation sequencing for targeted resequencing, whole genome sequencing, RNA-seq, methylation and Chip-seq; microarray technology; Sanger sequencing; pyrosequencing; realtime PCR; and nanostring technology. The OG-SRF will play a critical role in Markey’s directors for research and delivery of precision medicine.

More info on the OG SRF coming soon!

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