• Genitourinary cancer team

    Early detection of cancer-causing cells is essential to improving chances for recovery. That's why the genitourinary cancer team at the UK Markey Cancer Center offers comprehensive screening programs to detect kidney, prostate and bladder cancers in their early stages. The team includes expert urologists, medical oncologists and radiation therapists who work closely with pathologists to provide coordinated patient care.


    Special expertise among our faculty allows prostate and bladder cancers to be treated with organ preservation. Younger men with prostate cancer may prefer nerve-preserving prostate surgery, which has a high likelihood of urinary continence and sexual function.

    Genitourinary cancer care at the UK Markey Cancer Center

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    Whitney-Hendrickson Building
    First Floor -  Multidisciplinary Clinic
    800 Rose St.
    Lexington KY 40536