Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Guidelines | Abstract Submission Form

Abstracts for poster presentations for Markey Cancer Center Research Day must be submitted by noon on March 22, 2017, via the online application form at the bottom of the page. 

The Program Committee will review abstracts based on the relationship to cancer, novelty, significance of findings and clarity.

Abstracts will be submitted in one of the following research categories:

  • Basic Science
  • Clinical
  • Translational
  • Population-Based
  • Biostatistics/Bioinformatics
  • Informatics/IT
  • Core Resources

Prizes will be awarded to graduate students and to post-doctoral fellows for the best posters at 4 p.m. following the keynote address.

In addition to the poster competition, one graduate student, one post-doctoral fellow and one junior faculty member will be invited to present at the Oral Presentations session, based on the quality of the abstracts. More information about Oral Presentations is available here.

Each abstract should contain:

  • An introductory statement indicating the purpose(s) of the study.
  • A brief description of pertinent experimental procedures.
  • A clear representation of experimental results.
  • A statement of conclusions.

Authors should set forth the hypothesis and objectives, present the findings and summarize the results of their study in a logical and succinct manner. 

Titles of abstracts should sufficiently represent the content of the abstract. All keywords necessary to identify the subject matter should be included in the title to facilitate electronic retrieval where applicable. Non-standard abbreviations in the title should be avoided.

Abbreviations used in the body of an abstract should be defined at first use. Complex investigational regimens should be clearly identified. 

The total word count (including the title and list of authors) may not exceed 525 words. 

For poster presentation guidelines, visit this page: Poster Guidelines 

Oral presentations
(By invitation only)

Oral presentations by students will be limited to a 10-minute presentation time followed by five minutes for questions and discussion. Presentations should utilize a PowerPoint format. Detailed instructions for preparing the presentation will be provided to the presenters upon invitation.

Submission of abstracts

Deadline: Noon, March 22, 2017   

TIPS and screen shots to streamline your Abstract Submission: 

  • The system is unable to accept Greek or special characters in titles or abstracts. To cut and paste your abstract into the application, first replace the special characters with text versions, i.e. spell out "alpha," "kappa," etc. Save the changes, and paste that version into the text box.
  • You will need the names and scholastic information for all authors of the abstract; and you will need to have the name and email address of the presenter in order to complete the form.
  • For a preview of the information needed for abstracts and authors, use these links for their respective screen shots in PDF formats: Abstracts (PDF, 127 KB) and Authors (PDF, 116 KB).

Follow this link to the online submission form: Abstract Submission Form  

Questions? Contact the event coordinator via email: terry.keys@uky.edu

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