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  • To search for a clinical trial, click on one of the search links above (by Cancer Type, by Doctor, by Drug, by Treatment, by Phase).
  • To view the list of open protocols within each category, click on a specific value.
  • Next, to view details of an individual protocol, click on the protocol number.
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    To search for a clinical trial (protocol), use any or all of the search fields
  • Type search criteria in any of the text fields (Protocol Number or Keyword). Skip any items that are unknown or not applicable.
  • Use the dropdown menus if you wish to limit your search by Cancer Type, Doctor, Drug, Treatment, Phase, Age Group, or Study Site. Select the Search Trials button at the bottom after you have refined your criteria. To perform another search, use the Clear Search Terms button and begin again.


  • To see all open trials, don’t select any criteria and go straight to the “Search Trials” button.
  • Phase I clinical trials are typically not disease specific and can be searched separately by clicking on the Phase I checkbox. (If you do not select Phase I, trials in any phase that match your other search terms will be retrieved.)
  • Cancer Prevention clinical trials test whether taking certain medicines, vitamins, minerals, or food supplements may lower the risk of a certain type of cancer.
  • Cancer Control clinical trials test whether certain drugs reduce side effects from chemotherapy and other primary treatments.

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