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    11-19-2010 6:57 PM

    Every day we make choices about what we will eat, what time we will eat and where we will get our food. But during cancer treatment, or following cancer treatment, these decisions are no longer easy to answer. The Internet is full of answers, but how reliable are these answers?

    This blog is focused on providing tips ranging from taste changes to cancer survivorship. Good nutrition and exercise are key to improving cancer treatment outcomes and survivorship. This blog is meant to help patients and caregivers with their nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment.

  • 2010-11-19 too sweet or too salty

    Too Sweet or too Salty?       11 19 2010 3 35 PMTaste changes during cancer treatment are a common side effect.  Taste changes can vary with the kind of treatment you are receiving and can be different for each person. 

    2010-11-22 zinc about it

    Zinc About It       11 22 2010 1 34 PMWith Thanksgiving just a few days away and turkey being the main course in most homes, it brings to mind the benefits of eating turkey.  Turkey is an excellent, low fat

    2010-12-02 does your favorite food now taste like metal

    Does Your Favorite Food Now Taste like Metal?      12 02 2010 12 35 PMSome chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments may change your taste buds enough to give certain foods a metallic taste.  Although usually a temporary condition, this can

    2010-12-09 winning the fight against weight loss...

    Winning the Fight Against Weight Loss...       12 09 2010 8 51 AMThe National Cancer Institute estimates that the loss of appetite occurs in about 15 25% of all cancer patients.  Weight loss prior to treatment can cause a cancer patient to

    2010-12-17 obesity and cancer emerging connections

    Obesity and Cancer Emerging Connections      12 17 2010 10 31 AMMost of you have heard of the increasing numbers of adults and children who are overweight or obese. You also may have heard that being overweight or obese increases

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