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Clinical Trials

The UK Markey Cancer Center is committed to developing new and more advanced ways to fight cancer and utilize breakthrough technology to maintain and improve your quality of life from diagnosis to recovery. Our status as a research organization gives patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. Participation is completely voluntary and participants may receive breakthrough treatment. For more information on clinical trials, ask your doctor.

What is a clinical trial?

A clinical trial, which may also be called a clinical study or a research study, is one specific type of medical research study. Clinical trials evaluate the safety and effectiveness of drug treatments, medical devices or other therapies. They can help doctors find new or better ways to prevent, detect or treat illness.

 View ongoing cancer trials at Markey

Why should I volunteer for a clinical trial?

Reasons to consider volunteering for a clinical trial include:

  • Opportunities to receive state-of-the-art treatment
  • Receive medical treatment, medical attention or health counseling, often at no cost
  • Receive high quality care
  • Help others by aiding in discovery of new or better treatments
  • Help further the development of medical therapies for life-threatening and chronic diseases

Who can participate in a clinical trial?

Clinical trials enroll people who are alike in certain ways. Each trial has rules that detail particular characteristics that are needed for people to be included the study. These characteristics may include the type of disease and the age or general health condition of the patient. Both people with an illness and healthy people can volunteer to participate in clinical trials.

Read more about clinical trials from Dr. Jay Hayslip, director of the UK Markey Cancer Center Clinical Research Office.

Kentucky Clinical Trials Network

The Kentucky Clinical Trials Network is a statewide alliance of physicians conducting clinical trials in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of lung cancer. The network conducts investigator-initiated and industry sponsored trials.

 Learn more about the Kentucky Clinical Trials Network.  


UK HealthCare is committed to the pillars of academic health care -- research, education and clinical care. Dedicated to the health of the people of Kentucky, we will provide the most advanced patient care and serve as an information resource. We will strengthen local health care and improve the delivery system by partnering with community hospitals and physicians. We will support the organization's education and research needs by offering cutting edge services on par with the nation's best providers.


The vision of UK HealthCare is to achieve national recognition as a top 20 public academic health center providing optimal multidisciplinary health care and developing advanced medical therapeutics for the people of Kentucky and surrounding regions.

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