Frequently asked questions 

What information comes with the specimens?

The type of information depends on what is requested by the investigator. At a minimum, the Markey BSTP SRF can provide disease type (or control), age, gender, staging, histological diagnosis, smoking history, region, etc., with most specimens. Personal identifying information is not available to investigators

Is clinical history or follow-up information available?

Under certain circumstances, it will be possible for the Markey BSTP SRF to partner with the Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) and provide such information. Please contact the BSTP for more information. 

Where can I get information about the Kentucky Cancer Registry and Office of Research Integrity?

KCR(Kentucky Cancer Registry)

ORI (Office of Research Integrity)

How do I get IRB approval?

Learn more about the Office of Research Integrity here:

How is prioritization determined?

  1. MCC members with cancer-related, peer reviewed studies
  2. MCC investigators preparing cancer-related, peer reviewed grant applications
  3. MCC pilot/feasibility projects
  4. MCC investigators not currently funded by peer reviewed grants
  5. Non-cancer-related studies
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