UK HealthCare – Frankfort

UK HealthCare and Kentucky Children’s Hospital are dedicated to providing high-quality health services to adults and children in Frankfort and the surrounding area. We provide a variety of adult and pediatric specialty services with fellowship-trained physicians and staff at a clinic conveniently located in Frankfort.


601 Chamberlin Ave., Suite A | Directions »
Frankfort KY 40604


Call 859-257-1000 or 1-800-333-8874 (toll free)

Services and Providers

Allergy (adult and children)
Beth Miller, MD  
For more information, see Asthma, allergy and sinus clinic >

Boutros (Peter) Sawaya, MD
Sadiq Ahmed, MD, FACP, FASN  
For more information, see Nephrology

Pediatric cardiology
Lisa Klein, MD 
For more information, see Pediatric cardiology >

Pediatric gastroenterology
Robert Dillard, MD  
For more information, see Pediatric gastroenterology >

Pediatric nephrology
Aftab Chishti, MD
Stefan Kiessling, MD  
For more information, see Pediatric nephrology >

Pediatric surgery
John Draus, MD
Kara Cole, PA-C
Joe Iocono, MD
Sean Skinner, MD
For more information, see Pediatric surgery >