Interior maps and driving directions

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Driving directions to Kentucky Clinic, including parking 

Kentucky Clinic interior maps


First Floor 


Second Floor 


Third Floor 


Fourth and fifth Floors 

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  • Adolescent Medicine, Wing D
  • Bluegrass Care Clinic, Wing D
  • Clinic Dietitian, Wing C
  • Congenital Heart Clinic, KCH, Wing D
  • Dermatology, Wing D
  • Digestive Health, Wing C
  • ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat,) Hearing and Balance Clinic, Wing C
  • Eye Clinic, Wing C
  • Family Medicine, Wing D
  • General Dentistry, Wing C
  • General Pediatrics, Wing D
  • General Surgery & Dermatology, Wing D
  • Internal Medicine & Pediatric Group ("Med-Peds") Clinic, UHS Building, 3rd Floor
  • Kentucky Neuroscience Institute, Wing C
  • Lab, Wing C
  • Med-Peds Clinic, UHS Building, 3rd Floor
  • Neurology, Wing C
  • Neurosurgery, Wing C
  • Ophthalmology, Wing C
  • Orthopaedics & Orthopaedic Surgery, Wing C
  • Pediatric Dentistry, Wing C
  • Pediatric Hematology/Pediatric-Oncology, KCH, Wing D
  • Pediatric Specialties, Wing D
  • Pharmacy, Wing D
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Wing C
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy, Wing C
  • Plastic Surgery, Wing C
  • PreOp and Medicine Subspecialties: Renal Endocrine, Wing C
  • Pulmonary Medicine-COPD, Wing D
  • Radiology/X-Ray, Wing C
  • Twilight Clinic, Wing D
  • University Optical, Wing D
  • Urology, Wing C
  • Women’s Health & Rheumatology, Wing C

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