Why consider Gamma Knife® radiosurgery?

Proven reliability

  • Hundreds of thousands of patients have undergone the procedure worldwide.
  • Gamma Knife is very safe - no Gamma Knife site in the world has experienced a fatality.
  • Gamma Knife surgery is one-third the total cost of traditional neurosurgery.
  • The success of Gamma Knife has been well documented in medical literature and is recognized around the world as a standard of treatment.


  • Because no incision is made, there is a low risk of infection or hemorrhage.
  • Complications from general anesthesia are avoided since it is usually not required.
  • High accuracy of the gamma rays limits radiation exposure to surrounding tissues.

Patient accessibility

  • Very short hospitalization, usually within one day.
  • Patients can resume their previous activities the next day.
  • Patients experience little discomfort during the procedure or during recovery.
  • Patients who previously needed or were untreatable with open-skull surgery now have a relatively simple and painless procedure available to them.
  • Gamma Knife surgery is covered by most insurance plans.
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