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Neuroimmunology, multiple sclerosis & neurovirology program

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Kentucky Clinic (Wing D),
L445, Lexington KY

For more information, contact UK Neurology.

The Neuroimmunology, Multiple sclerosis & Neurovirology program specializes in the evaluation, treatment and research into immunological disorders that effect the nervous system as well as viral infections that invade the brain. Specifically, multiple sclerosis (which is an immunological disorder of the nervous system) and AIDS (which is an acquired immune deficiency due to HIV infection) form the bulk of the disorders under this program.

Several other infections that invade the brain in immune deficient patients with AIDS are also treated as well as primary disorders that affect the brain, spinal cord, and nerves caused by HIV infection alone are treated in the neuro-AIDS clinic.

The faculty in this program are involved in a number of clinical and basic science research projects that are all targeted to develop new modes of treatment and to better understand the pathogenesis of these disorders.

Our physician

Joseph R. Berger, MD 


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