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Neurocognitive evaluation is recommended for individuals who display difficulties or changes in memory, concentration, thinking, speech, visuospatial ability, thought speed, personality or other behaviors that significantly interfere with their daily living or development.

Making a referral

The referring doctor can fax, mail, or use the Web link for a consultation request. A referral/consultation request should include:

  • Patient background, history and contact information
  • Specific concerns related to your patient's health and cognitive ability
  • Any specific questions regarding your patient's neurocognition 
  • Any questions pertaining to guardianship of the patient if necessary
  • Any questions pertaining to competency of the patient if necessary

Please note that pre-certification for insurance must be obtained by the referring provider. 

If the patient and/or doctor are outside the UK HealthCare system or the patient is being referred from UK Psychiatry, please send reports and records relevant to the patient's health as available. Our team will triage referrals once all the information is received. The patient or patient's guardian will be contacted within one week to schedule an appointment. No special forms need to be filled out. Depending on referral issues, a half-day is reserved for each patient, so the number of appointments is limited.

Please contact the UK Neurocognitive Diagnostic Service with any questions.

Contact information


Kentucky Neuroscience Institute
UK Neurocognitive Diagnostic Service
Kentucky Clinic, 1st floor, Wing C
740 S. Limestone
Lexington KY 40536-0284





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