Gamma Knife® radiosurgery

At UK HealthCare, we are committed to improving the lives and health of patients using the most advanced health care techniques. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a perfect example.

With Gamma Knife radiosurgery, our neuroscience team can treat neurological (brain) disorders and diseases without invasive surgery. The system's leading-edge technology allows our specialists to operate on the brain without general anesthesia or incisions. Learn more about Gamma Knife radiosurgery »

Noninvasive care

Gamma Knife's technology allows patients to avoid the risks of traditional surgery as well an extended hospital stay. Our patients can return to the same level of activity they're used to within 24 hours of Gamma Knife surgery, which means you spend less time in the hospital. Our goal is to return patients to a normal, healthy life as quickly as possible and Gamma Knife's noninvasive surgery makes it possible.

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The Gamma Knife's noninvasive (no surgery) method also offers new hope to patients with inoperable neurological disorders. Watch the videos below to learn more. 

Thomas Pittman, MD, of UK Radiation Medicine discusses the conditions that can be treated with Gamma Knife radiosurgery. (2:15)


William St. Clair, MD, PhD, discusses the role of multidisciplinary teams in Gamma Knife radiosurgery and what patients can expect during and after the procedure. (2:27)


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