About neuropsychologists and psychometrists

What is a neuropsychologist?

A clinical neuropsychologist is a professional psychologist trained in the science of brain-behavior relationships. The clinical neuropsychologist specializes in the application of assessment and intervention principles based on the scientific study of human behavior across the lifespan as it relates to normal and abnormal functioning of the central nervous system.

Source: The Houston Conference on Specialty Education and Training in Clinical Neuropsychology

What is a psychometrist?

A psychometrist is trained in administering and scoring tests and instruments that examine thinking abilities. UK psychometrists hold a master's degree and are licensed by the commonwealth of Kentucky. They work under the supervision of the neuropsychologist. It is the responsibility of the psychometrist to guide the patient through the examination. In order to ensure accurate results, the psychometrist will encourage the patient to do his or her best on all tests. 

Be assured that the psychometrist will do his or her best to provide for your comfort while you are at the Kentucky Neuroscience Institute.

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