• UK Pediatric Therapies at Child Development Center of the Bluegrass

    UK Pediatric Therapies at Child Development Center of the Bluegrass helps children develop skills through purposeful activities and maximize their full potential. The programs offer outpatient pediatric therapy and evaluations for speech/language, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

    The program is based on the principle that children are unique individuals who develop at their own pace and need a supportive, challenging environment that includes age-appropriate opportunities for learning new skills.

    Child Development Center of the Bluegrass offers full-day preschool services to children with and without special needs from six weeks of age until kindergarten eligible.  For more information about childcare needs, please visit www.cdcbg.org

  • About

    Our nurturing and insightful therapists can assist with but are not limited to the following concerns:

    • Acquired brain injury
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Apraxia
    • Autism related disorder
    • Brachial plexus injury
    • Cerebral palsy
    • Down syndrome
    • Fine motor/handwriting difficulties
    • Feeding concerns
    • Language delays
    • Neurological and genetic disorders
    • Sensory motor disorders
    • Speech/communication disorders
    • Torticollis

    Therapy highlights

    • Individualized treatment
    • Multidisciplinary collaboration
    • Video viewing for session observation
    • Light gait trainer
    • Therasuits
    • Suspended equipment
    • The listening program
    • Augmentative and alternative
    • Communication
    • Handwriting without tears
    • Feeding program
  • Therapies

    Our licensed pediatric therapists are able to evaluate, treat and provide customized therapeutic plans and develop home programs to help your child meet his/her goals.

    • Physical therapy
      Focuses on improving overall gross motor function, balance, coordination, strength, muscle tone and quality of movement.
    • Occupational therapy
      Focuses on helping children gain the functional skills they need for independence in play, learning, motor skill development, self-care (feeding and dressing), self-regulation, behavior and socialization.
    • Speech/Language therapy
      Focuses on a child’s overall communication skills, including expressive and receptive language. Therapists also work to improve feeding concerns and can address swallowing difficulties.
    • Angela Folczyk, OT
    • Kelsey Oyler, OT
    • Stefani Doyle, OT
    • Nicole Hoskins, OT
    • Jessica Byers, OT 
    • Jessica Raspen, PT
    • Lee Morvai, PT
    • Denise Schlaak, PT
    • Amanda Chastain, SLP
    • Nancy Marr, SLP
    • Alyssa Sciortino, SLP
    • Jackie Carroll, SLP
    • Linda Coulter, SLP
    • Jessica Magers, Therapy Tech
  • Pediatric Therapies

    Child Development Centers of the Bluegrass
    290 Alumni Drive
    Lexington KY 40503-1601

    Call 859-218-2322
    Fax 859-323-1922

    Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

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    Insurance information

    Insurance policies can vary widely. Please check with your doctor/clinic for specific insurance information before your visit or procedure to avoid unexpected out-of-pocket costs. See list of insurers »